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There are a lot of afternoon tea choices in Tsim Sha Tsui, from buffet to hightea set, while having a comfort afternoon tea with a nice bird view of Hong Kong Island, would be not that easy to find or book. A decent and lazy afternoon with everything just easy? I made a try to Sheraton's in Sky Lounge, and the new Afternoon Tea Set for the coming autumn was a bit different by its French-style with oriental elements

Going up by the old-style life in a golden-bronze color, and each slice of strong sun light was going through the mirrors, the metal-wall inside, it was quite nice and kind of Gatsby right?!

The same, Sheraton keeps their 'old-gentleman' style with a harmony of dark brown furnitures, starting from the stairs to the end of Oyster Bar. Sky Lounge is in the middle, a long-slim space, with a lot tables facing to the harbour, which provides the nicest view throughout the whole day.

Afternoon Tea Set for One with Port Cobbler
Port, Grand Marnier, Fresh Lemon Juice, Fresh Orange Juice

Sky Lounge Mojito & Mango Magic

Chinese Grasshopper
Matcha Tea, Fernet Branca, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cacao Blanc, Peppermint Liqueur & Cream

The new Tea Set is tailor made by the crew for the coming autumn. It keeps the French-style as what Sheraton always do, but creates something new with Oriental ideas by making pastries with Asian materials, or making 'Dim Sum' with Western ingredients.

Plus, the afternoon tea is served 3-7-30 (3 hours, 7 days a week, and the whole month). I know afternoon tea is not a man's choice, while gentleman still needs to go with his love sometimes, and in Sky Lounge, the individual Tea Set could choose even bubble/wine/special cocktail or mocktail!!!

The one I tried was their Top 3 cocktail, Mojito, which cheered me a lot at my first sip by its strong rum flavor. It was rarely made in Hong Kong with such a satisfying flavor to be alcoholic-friendly, plus I had it in such a fine late summer Sunday in Hong Kong, what should I comment more?!!

Raisin scone with Devon Cream and Strawberry Jam, it was comparably smaller size but nice looking with glorious baked surface. I wouldn't say the taste is perfect but it's in a decent quality. Cream was much nicer, the lovely lighter taste without reducing the milky flavor to me.

We had Smoked Salmon Dumpling, Foie Gras Moussee with Sichuan Pepper, Chicken Salad Sandwich with Black Sesame Seed and Rice Paper Roll with marinated Italian Seafood, as our savouries. Such a Western-Eastern presentation by just reading the ingredient list. My favorite was Rice Paper Roll, for its crystal slightly-sticky rice roll and the fresh shrimp inside. Foie Gras was also impressive, but not moisture and smoothy enough to make it into the top group; so does dumpling, which I appreciated a lot to the idea but having space to improve for the smoked salmon filling.

Matcha Green Tea Cookie paired with one cute hand-made chocolate, it's very nice, but not too difficult to make it good. Gula Melaka with Fresh Berries, was a bit disappointed, because I was craving a lot to the coconut flavor, while the pudding tasted just a little but not strong enough. 

Ginger Creme Brulee, was really nice for anyone loves ginger. It heated up the overall flavor, and even lighted up the milky and caramel sweetness of the original cream brulee. In fact, it tasted quite spicy but I still loved it simply coz of the well matched taste.

Passion Fruit and Banana Dome, was a bit more banana than passion fruit; Layered Ganache and Jasmine Tea Cake was another delicious pastry. Jasmine Tea was not strong compared to the very outstanding flavor of dark chocolate. It was using sponge cake as the thin layers between the thick, moisture and smoothy chocolate mousse layers; and overall gave a moisture but not too wet or sticky experience of chocolate cake. 

* Afternoon Tea Set for One

Mon to Fri. Freshly Brewed Coffee, Tea or Juice $218
Weekend & Public Holiday. $238

Bubble Afternoon Tea (A glass of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut NV) $298

Relaxing Afternoon Tea (Sommeller's selection of Wine Flight) $298

20 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

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