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Seorae opened the branch store in Wanchai recently and I was so excited and eager to have a try. It’s quite huge space with a flat and open dining area which is also occupying the whole floor. The waiter and waitress walking around there was all young people which seem to be equipped by perfect Korean and Cantonese. Impressive!

The very interesting design of the BBQ plate was designed for the egg cooking (similar to tortilla). Such smart idea to cook the egg while not wasting the heat produced during BBQ! 

The special pork meat is their signature, which you could only get around 400g from each pig. The part is closer to the heart while it is said to contain zero fat. As to the taste, it was chewier while less meaty. 

The beef was absolutely beautiful, even from the presentation. It required very less heating time and turned out to be 30-to-70 ratio on the fat and meat. The grilled vegetable platter was huge in the potion, while I love the mushroom the most.

Seorae BBQ

3/F, 477-481 Jaffe Road
Hong Kong

+852 2617 3328

Sun to Thur. 5pm - 1am
Fri to Sat. 5pm - 2am

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