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Christmas month, everywhere was in a red-and-snowy mood. Mandarin Landmark started their new weekend brunch and afternoon tea menu in MO Bar at the beginning of happy December. The weekend free-flow Champaign (Moet) brunch was quite attracting. It is a 3-course brunch to be with the free-flow Champaign, house wines and all other soft drinks, tea and coffee; start from 12 noon till 3pm in the 4 weekends. A classic and cozy environment is always expected.

Seated ourselves around half past 12, we were hungry and excited to start our lazy and romantic Sunday. The fresh and warm bread was arranged with the salty butter after we were just about to kick off the drinking plan. To choose from 3-4 starter choices, we picked up Angus beef tartar and lobster bisque. The soup was less creamy and intensive in the lobster sweetness. Tartar was presented in front of us by the waiter in black-n-white. The flavor was adjusted as our preference on pepper, salt, chili and oil, lovely!

For the main course, I ordered the Lobster Egg Benedict and steak was my boyfriend’s choice. Besides, we had roasted vegetables and French fries with parmesan cheese slice as the side dishes. The Benedict is lovely yummy for the bite of soft lobster together with the eggy liquid egg yolk, while a bit dry would be the only downside I can discover.

Coming to the last course, I was first quite afraid of over-filling by the cheesecake, while this time was pretty light and even refreshing. The chocolate tart with ice-cream on the top was amazing! A slightly bitter chocolate taste gave a pure and intense after-taste after each small bite, while the sweetness only contributed by the ice-cream.

After Champaign, we finished with the perfect signature tea from MO Bar and the classic coffee. Such a wonderful day!

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