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We always get great surprise when we are not expecting in advance. It was a random weekday night, we had a casual dinner to wash off the whole day tense after the office. A garden-like and countryside decoration made our dinner place quite different and refreshing, even giving an illusion of the daytime is extending.

We were lead by the lead here and was offered a short walk-around to the basic concept behind this new Spanish restaurant in Wanchai. 36-month Iberico ham was absolutely a must-try item, to have it with good white wine, or just to wake the tongue before feast. The ham was cut precisely from the different parts which leaded you from dry to fatty-rich.

Among the tapas list, I was introduced the two way of oyster. Starting from the refreshing one fully covered by the beautiful mojito foam, the journey started quite romantic; coming back to the reality, I was not disappointed by the secondi (oyster) which was flavored by the olive oil and special tomato sauce, lifting up the taste a lot.

The main course menu is designed to be quite balanced from the land animals to the fishes. I love the seabass deadly and almost 2 weeks after when I brought my friends there, I ordered it again without hesitation. The combination of the crispy fish skin and soft snowy-white fish meat was perfect and the lightly over-burned aroma of the fish skin was well matched to the lightly sweet taste of the fish. I also like the yummy baby spinach as the side-dish.

Before we continued to the secondi (main course), we were introduced to the mouth-refreshing dessert which is a creative design by the Chef from Barcelona. It was a kindly of jelly dessert while the overall texture was balanced by the pudding layer. The transparent orange jelly made of LICOR43 was just awesome! Together with the Sangria snow on the top, it refreshed your mouth, throat and stomach immediately and apart that, offering a beautiful taste of alcohol.

The seafood paella was a bit different from the one we were used to. It was more moisture and softened, more intense seafood flavor but less creamy.

Dessert was actually the strength of the Chef here, for he’s studied and started from the sweet stuff at the beginning. We had the first one with coconut and mango brulee which was just perfect. The coconut cream pudding was not too sweet and the taste was quite refreshing by the mango brulee; also it was even a little bitter as the coco on the top.
The second dessert was richer in the taste for the banana brulee and grilled banana slices, but no need to worry, because it was smartly paired with the ice-cream.

All in all, Quemo is worthy for the visit regarding to the food, the drinks and their warm service. Also, they offer a little terrace for a tapas-and-wine night under the lights of Wanchai!!!

5/F, QRE Plaza
202 Queen's Road East
Hong Kong

+852 2836 0699

Mon to Sun. 12nn - 2.30pm & 6pm - 10.30pm

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