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Memory is one of the most precious asset for human beings. For Hongkongers who's used to a wide diversity of dining culture since early times, the Hong Kong Tea Restaurant, is undoubtedly on the memorable list. The green metal railings, the white ceramics, the efficient-working staffs... each part forms up the idea of 'Tea Restaurant' where is the dream-creator of most Hongkongers. 

Years going, the old-style restaurant is fading away for many reasons, but luckily, fading-away memory creates more opportunities for those who care a lot and who can twist it with more value. Nam Loong, managed by Golden Stone Catering Group, is another story of modern-traditional Tea Restaurant.

It keeps the traditional Tea Restaurant looking plus cute decoration like white bird cages hanging from the ceiling to recall those old memories; while it is managed in a modern and structural way by young generation. By looking into their menu, you will find the normal dishes such as pineapple bun, fried noodles, fried rice, milktea... Hongkong-Western style burgers, sandwiches and steak, but also you will find new input such as Golden Brick.

Baked Rice with Curry Sole Fillets in Nam Loong Golden Brick $79

This one belongs to the long list of Nam Loong Golden Brick Series, which features by the thick, huge, toast box. The presentation is quite attractive and shocking which I believe to feed 2-3 persons without problem (of course, you won't order only this dish!). Basically it is taken out all the soft bread in the center and put the curry sauce or tomato sauce in the hole with different fillings such as chicken fillets, sole fillets, pork (all with rice) and even Bolognese Spaghetti. As to the taste, it is not a mass seriously; the toast brick remains warm and crispy; the curry performs well in its Hongkong-creamy-curry way; and as three times of experience, it never lets me down by its large potion of chicken fillets/sole fillets/beef. 

But believe me, (1) you won't take all the toast; (2) you cannot judge it by your professional western dining standards; (3) you acts fast enough before the curry turns cold and toast becomes soft.

Fried or Seasoned Instant Noodles with Lemongrass Chicken Wings served with Shrimp Paste $52

Fried Rice Noodles with Sliced Beef in Swiss Sauce $44

Fried Rice Noodles, also traditional dishes served everywhere in Hong Kong. The perfect fried instant noodles is a must-try item, which is dry in taste without over-oily experience, and is flavorsome in the special sweet way of Shrimp Paste, which is a particular Hong Kong fish town product. Everyone loves it!

Coming to the 2nd dish, to be honest, I don't think it expresses the 'spirit' of Swiss Sauce, which in an easy saying, it is not tasty enough, even personally appreciate those flat rice noodles in such an oily dressing, which does follow the traditional way.

Grouper Fillets with Broccoli $62

It is a Tea Restaurant, which means small Chinese dishes are also offered. And this one is absolutely a Cantonese style dish, which has lighter color linking to the healthy diet concept in Cantonese cuisine. I'm not in this dish, because I'm from Shanghai where I'm used to 'Dark Red' color dishes; hope you know what I mean :)

Pineapple Bun/Bread

Fried Chicken Drumsticks $20

Another two typical 'Afternoon-tea' items served there and it turns out quite professional in taste. Yes, it is not on the same level of Kam Wah Cafe's but it performs better than average. The chicken drumstick is impressive! Just one bite, I was bought by its perfectly deep-fried skin without any fat, and it's well-done in softness and smoothness. 

French Toast with Chocolate Sauce

An interesting new entry with chocolate idea to the French Toast. To be honest, the quality belongs to the average group which I expect more egg fragrance and the fluffy texture.

Moccha Cake with Red Bean Cream $22
Mint Chocolate Cake $22 (New)
Chestnut Cream Cake $22
Litchi Pudding $20
Tiramisu $20

Cakes delivered freshly from Ocos (a bakery business with Golden Stone Catering guys behind), just opposite Nam Loong Cafe, are making up the dessert menu. I will say, price is a big deal; as the taste, I like the chocolate mousse and litchi pudding (suppose the pudding isn't left in room temperature for too long).

Nam Loong Cafe

G/F & 1/F, 1-3 Keswick Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
+852 3106 0820 / +852 3106 0822
Mon to Sun. 7am - 11pm

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