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The hidden 'kitchen' in the 18 On Lan Street, is quite a quiet space for the expats and business people around Central. A decent fine dining environment perfectly merged into the old-fashion of westernised Asian city. The dishes are dedicated by the mixed food materials from different places with a luxury background. 

Master Chef is a local-local, but with an experienced chef background worldwide; while I found the familiar cuisine style there as I was in Shanghai - a typical colony city style, like a hot pot, you can put everything inside and as time going, the taste comes out perfectly matched; and finally it grows to its own.

Steamed Crab Claw with HUA TIAO Wine Sauce $160 / ps

Impressive taste with a strong-to-the-point aroma from the 'romantic' HUA TIAO wine; meanwhile balancing the taste of the crab claw. The crab claw meat is perfectly firmed and with the lightest sweetness.

Bird's Nest with Minced Chicken Soup $428 / ps

Steamed Chicken

Steamed Bean Curd with Scallop and Black Caviar $298

Recommend 2 main courses here with a more healthy and lighter manner, meanwhile, both look quite family-style but requires a sophisticated cooking skill. Liking the steamed chicken a lot, for its super smooth and soft meat texture, covered by a light layer of oil. The steamed chicken itself doesn't flavored a lot, therefore the meat conveys the most authentic flavor; while don't worry your tongue will feel boring, coz the sliced ham between the layers are just giving the missing saltness.

5/F, 18 On Lan Street
Hong Kong

+852 2564 3868

Mon to Sat. 12nn - 3pm / 6.30pm - 11pm

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