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This is my second time visit of Gyuuzen. Almost one year after, the restaurant remains exactly the same; the spacial dining area, simply but classic deco with a casual and quite localized vide. I was quite impressive by their rich collection of beef/wagyu set for the Japanese style BBQ, while this time, they have some fresh new items on the menu which is trying to catch the last freshness for this summer season.

Sushi & Sashimi is the main role this night! We are not only 'spoiled' by the lovely taste and skilful cut, but also the beautiful presentation and layout of the dishes. 

After a bunch of Japanese appetiser, we KO a big Sashimi set which I'm not able to show the picture here... It covers the most basic raw items which are welcomed to most of the Hongkongers, more than that, they offer lovely shell-seafood. Personally, I'm still a big and loyal fan of tuna, whatever is offered in the same basket :P

Following the Sashimi, we switch to some rice items ("Sushi"). The raw one is exactly what I mean 'beautiful' in the beginning of this post. It's a super balance and harmony of colors; a line of brightness and freshness; I feel my eyes even were fed up first. The hot one is awesome as well for those lovely lines going through the surface of the wagyu sushi and you could imagine how's the 'greedy' taste it has. 

Come to the main part, of course, we would kick out the black iron!!!

The beef and seafood BBQ set is great. Beef selection from eye bone, shoulder, tongue till the leg; while the water part, covers white eel and lobster tail. Yes! We start from beef family for no reason. Well, I guess it is not 'allowed' the great and authentic flavor to be overwhelmed by seafood.

Among the four beef parts, I recommend tongue and shoulder the most for their tenderness to the point without being over-soften and containing too much fat. Lobster tail is must-do item; I love the non-flavored natural sweetness and the super firm, chewy experience from it.

For drinking, they have a short list of special drinking items which are similar to blended ice shakie drinks. Most of them are based on summer-welcome ingredients, like berry fruits, lime or even coconut. Apart from beer and Sake, it wouldn't be a second choice.

Indeed, a good and valuable place to catch up with friends or family, and even just go with your lovely one for a worthy night! :D

Gyuuzen Japanese Restaurant

1302 World Trade Centre
280 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay 
Hong Kong

+852 2895 1313

Mon to Sun. 12nn - 3pm & 6pm - 11.30pm

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