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Outback Steakhouse must be a shared memory of most of the Hongkongers. A good deal of US steak set with a large potion of green salad, unlimited black-sugar buns and a cup of red soup. On the top of order, a devil dish of cheese fries and another fatty yummy cheese-cake or chocolate cake with a big ball of vanilla ice-cream.

The new concept shop of Outback Steakhouse is open in Mongkok East, the renovated shopping mall. Enjoying a good city-view, the restaurant is also renovated with a lighter, younger and fresher atmosphere setting. Some HOT dishes are kept but meanwhile with a new face, such as black sugar bun (to be with homemade cream dip), the cheese fries with smaller but more decent presentation; and the most amazing 'onion flower' which has a layer of spicy crispy skin and a moisture taste of semi-melted onion inside.

DIY fresh juice (Apple & Carrot)

The new concept is also covering fresh-made drinks, which I love the fresh juice (Red ? apple + carrot; or Green? celery + ?? :P) 

To be a bit more refreshing, the smoothy-like coconut berry drink would be my 2nd choice. 

Another input of healthy dining concept is brought out by new salad choices. Tropical Mango Chicken Salad ($132) would definitely a good option for its balanced taste with lightly roasted chicken breast and fresh mango slices. A hint of champagne honey vinaigrette would be a hidden additional to the whole dish.

Meanwhile some small bites are also offered during weekday's tea time. Fire Grilled Sweet and Spicy Wings ($48 / $62 as Tea Set price with a selection of tea, coffee or soda drink), would be my first recommendation, for its attractive flavor with a sense of honey-sweet and spicy hot; the creamy dip at the side, would be another 'subside' treatment.

A dinner / lunch in Outback, of course, cannot miss the signature steak set. Porterhouse, a USDA approved large cut on strip and filet tenderloin together, to cater the complicated requirement in one-go. I prefer the softer part from tenderloin side, while of course, the more chewy and harder part would offer heavier and more intensive taste in return. As usual, a plenty of side-dishes is provided as you wish, eg. fries, salad, veggies etc.

Sugar Free Espresso Panna Cotta $48 / $62 as Tea Set

Chocolate Thunder From Down Under $58 / $72 as Tea Set

The dessert continues the good tradition of US-like potion and 'evil' style, which must be made of enough chocolate, enough cream and enough butter :P

While, I really love the sugar free espresso mousse, which tastes even a bit bitter but very much espresso. You are treated with after-meal coffee and yummy dessert together :D

Shop 605, Lv 6, MOKO
193 Prince Edward Road West
Hong Kong

+852 2529 2228
Mon to Sun. 11am - 10.30pm

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