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I haven't tried a lot of Chinese/Cantonese restaurants since I came to Hong Kong, while in the limited ticked list, Loong Yuen, is one of the recommended list. The impression of this restaurant to me, is everything about quality and humble. The restaurant is located in the basement floor of Holiday Inn in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is a hot spot but not adding too much benefits to the restaurant for its hidden location. The visitors there are half tourists half locals, who are mostly re-visitors for its stable quality. The Chinese dishes served there were in a reasonable price range, and the design of the dishes were in generally, traditional, but sometimes they are twisted with a little new concept by adopting the western cooking concept.

Braised Ox Tail in Tomato and Red Wine Sauce (with Steamed Buns) $398

The top ranked dish throughout the night! We appreciate a lot to the amazing orange looking. The Ox tail was prepared in pressure cooker, to make it softened but still to keep the water from going away. The soup-like sauce is more like paste, with a middle-to-thick texture in a very rich taste of tomato, while red wine, I cannot tell a lot, and to be honest, it's more in the functional way to contain the quality of the meat taste and chewiness, but not to the flavor of the sauce. Anyway, a highly recommendation to all food-lovers who like a sense of strong taste.

Double-boiled Pig's Lung with Pork and Almond Soup $398

The one of the most traditional Cantonese 'medicine' soup. The soup is strongly occupied by the almond aroma, and the slight sweetness from the pork. Very light in taste and almost oil-free. 

Pan-fried Fresh Shrimps with Premium Soy Sauce $368

Crispy shrimp shell covers the fresh alive shrimp meat, and they are completely dressed with the sweet and salty soy sauce. Another appetite stimulator!

Deep-fried Crispy Chicken $398

One of the most popular dishes from Loong Yuen's menu; and it is so cheerful to no matter kids or adults, who's sharing the same happy memory of colorful crispy chips in their childhood. The deep-fried chicken is absolutely qualified, as the comparable standard I have had in China. The color is just to the point, and the transparent-thin-layer of fat below the crispy paper-like chicken skin, is even overpassed those what I have tried before! Totally in an opposite way, the chicken meat left, is just soft and tasty never-ever.

Simmered Green Sprout with Assorted Wild Mushrooms in Superior Soup $138

Such a beautiful Chinese dish like a painting with 'lake', 'water-weeds' and 'woods floating in the water'. It's a juicy and refreshing veggie & mushroom dish, perfect after those deep-fried meaty ones.

Deep-fried sesame Balls with Pineapple $48
Deep-fried Chinese Fritter with Pomelo Sauce $58
Baked Mini Egg Tarts $48
Chilled Papaya Pudding in Almond Sauce $68
Chilled Baileys Coffee Pudding $48
Sweetened beancurd Pudding $98

Ok, it's amazing... I know, it's amazing that we ordered this amount of dessert...

Girls always have the second stomach for desserts, and sometimes it also applies to the guys; so when those girls and those guys have dinner together, the chef will be super busy and the restaurant will be super happy :D

When we read the dessert menu, we just cannot resist those interesting and renovated traditional Cantonese desserts with a brand-new name with the creative ingredient, sesame balls not with red beans but pineapple, amazing! The fish-shape pudding not in coconut flavor but with almond sauce and papaya; and such alcoholic us! How can we resist Baileys Coffee Pudding!!!

The beancurd, is fresh-made, and served with ginger brown sugar or normal syrup, in the traditional wooden pot. We appreciate the way restaurant tries to preserves the tradition and culture, and we appreciate the yummy dish served there as well.

Loong Yuen

Level B1, Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel
50 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

+852 2315 1006

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