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Fire-like summer season in Hong Kong again, and what we can have this time to cool down?

What about ice-stick cross-over cocktail?

Cocktail Ice-stick, Boozesicles, continues this summer by Common Room with NICE POPS. Except chocolate, the other five are all based on summer season fruit, and designed with different liquor base. 

OX Tongue Rice Paper Rolls $98

Clam Toast $108

Seafood Ceviche Salad $128

A la carte menu in Common Room, stands between fine-dining and small bites concept. Separated by Earth/ Sea/ Land and Heaven. Started with seafood and veggies in Vietnam, Spanish and French style. Big bite of Rice Rolls with the refreshing veggie slices inside; another big bite, which is the recommended dish from me, has the garlic toast on top with clam cooked with white wine.

Squid Ink Seafood Paella $138

Seared Foie Gras $148

There is a little 'argument' upon the paella, personally, I consider it more like risotto. Cooked with Arborio rice, clam, blue mussels and red shrimps, it is definitely a seafood feast. The soften and moisture taste overall is very much in the paella style but the rice is cooked similar to the feeling of risotto instead, which is the interesting experience to all of us.

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake $68

The highly recommended cheesecake is not in the NY style nor Italian way, but Japanese concept. The cheese top tastes like ice-cream giving a mild cheesy flavor and berry-like refreshment. 

Cryo-Fried Vanilla Ice Cream $85

It's a blue-fire show of Brandy and ice-cream! After the first round fire-show, a scent of caramel-like started to dilute the sweet air in the restaurant; after the second round, another cup of raspberry sauce is pulled over the huge ice-cream ball on the top, giving the bloody-marry looking :D

I love the fried flour-like skin outside the vanilla ice-cream! A slightly firm and elastic texture with the little 'eggy-butter' sweet, warm-warm taste, standing on the opposite side of the melting ice-cream. :P

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