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2/F, Kwah Centre, 1028 Middle Huai Hai Rd, Shanghai, 200030
+86 21 6445 9589
Sun to Tue. 11am - 12am
Wed to Sat. 11am - 2am


Chic restaurant opens in the end of April, 2014. It follows the group (Box Cat) concept to present a casual pub/bar style, while it is also run as a modern chic restaurant, a little bit high standard with a large selection of quality crafted brews, and special cocktails. Alcohols, undoubtedly, is the main role in this restaurant.

The restaurant occupies the whole floor of Kwah Centre (close to Line 1, South Shan Xi Road Station) with an open entrance concept so that you could walk in straightly from the lift, well, the big logo is your first impression given by this restaurant! The cold metal light has a strong visual effect upon the dark restaurant environment inside. I promise, you won't forget their logo.

The interior space composes of several areas; at the bottom is more traditional dining setting with dinning tables or benches, while close to entrance, it is more casual dining way or even a pub/bar setting. Along the large glass window, there are some bamboo chairs with lower tables (where I and my friend was seated that night), and in the middle 3-4 old leather sofas form a salon area for drinks and talk; lastly, it is the long bar area. We are served by a very young & shiny foreign waiter, who I guess coming from France, maybe this is another reason why this restaurant becomes so popular in town.


Tapas, grills, burgers are all served, which is a big mixture of American, French and Spanish style. We order two from tapas menu, and to our surprise, the potion is more than enough to feed us.

Tomato Soup with French Cheese Toast, a strong flavor of tomato and basil, with a little olive oil, the soup has a balanced smooth texture. Toast is such a crispy and attractive item after the proper bakery, plus the semi-liquid cheese, to add extra salty and tasty.

Duck Rillette with Toast, a classic French dish while again, I'm shocked by the large slice of breads served. Toast is soft in the middle coz of the melted and absorbed butter. Besides the tasty duck rillette, the super crispy oily duck skin is served together; I know it's too fat, while when I see the 'bling-bling' surface of that piece of golden-color skin, I just cannot stop to have one, or maybe two, three... Luckily, the chef also offers us some sauce, tasting similar to Thousand-island sauce, but lighter and fresher, so that it can help to reduce the greasy feeling.

Whisky Cocktails (around 80RMB), I just forget the name of what I have had that night. By pictures, it is absolutely two cocktails; both are whisky base and taste similarly. Actually, for my second drink, I just want a classic whisky, but seems the bartender is too kindly to make me a girly one. It is not bad, fresh, not too strong, fruity and sweet.

Along the tapas, in fact, we did order some beers as well. Mine is full of whole wheat smell and has a perfect balance of bitter and after-taste of sweet. If you aren't sure which one to choose, don't worry, the long menu gives you the detailed information of taste, alcohol degree, origin.

Liquid Laundry, for sure, will be one of my stops in my next home trip :P  

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