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Shop A&B, 87 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel. 2529 6378

I just recognized this shop is well known and reported several times by the English-writing online medias. Well, I have been there twice, both in the late mid-night, or say, in the middle break of night-out party. It is quite a convenient, cheap, tasty and clean street-restaurant in Wanchai, just one street away from the bar street, Lockhart Road. The restaurant is small; the entrance is fully covered by the glass counter with a rich collection of Thai food, most of them are Thai street snacks; inside, there is a family-style cooking space to serve the fresh made dishes to those night eaters seated along the street. They have a not-small supply of Thai dishes from raw/cold salads (seafood/meat) to hot dishes (fried/grilled), even offer some Thai sweets and special drinks. The price per dish is around 40-60 and the snack is just 10-15 around. You won't be over surprised by the potion, while overall it is under the average consuming level in Wanchai area if you are a fan of street restaurant.

I'm not a tough person who only go to high standard restaurants; adversely, I'm quite enjoying the street restaurant. It would not be a big issue to have night snack/meal outside in Hongkong's late night. To be seated there, makes me totally relax and I can freely talk to my friend, while watching different kind of people passing by us or walking in the middle of the street (because it is 1-2am already), drunk or clear-mind. Quite interesting city scene!

Fresh lettuce with Pork, Onion and Parsley

Kale with Fried Garlic 

Thai Fried Rice (Beef)

Except the vegetables, the other two dishes are spicy hot, well, you can ask for less spicy when you place the order. 

The fried rice is my favorite for its slightly wet texture and strong taste. Apart from beef, you can also choose pork or chicken.

The Kale is cooked with a perfect control of heat, so that it not only looks jade-green, but also tastes fresh juicy and naturally sweet; and with a little fried garlic, it's more outstanding than a pure vegetable dish. 

The lettuce with Pork is fresh enough, while compared to the pork, I am more impressed by the fresh onion and parsley mixed with Thai sauce which combines the spicy, sour and sweet, to rule your tongue. 

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