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376 Jianguo Xi Lu (West Jian Guo Road), near Tai Yuan Lu (Rd), Xuhui District, Shanghai
徐家匯建國西路376號,近太原路 (Line 9, Jia Shan Lu Station)
+86 21 5419 8727
"School Nights"/ Weekday. 7pm - 2am
Weekend & Holiday. 7pm - 4am

Went to Pocho, is just a random decision when I was searching some potential bars in Shanghai. The thick wooden door covers the whole bar, which is well located in the quiet Shanghaiese blocks. Magically, since my first visit, I could spend over 3 hours there every time. For what? maybe, their good cocktails and creative and smart bartenders to make you customized drinks always; maybe, the lovely and friendly bar owners to share his love to tequila and willing to tell me a lot professional knowledge about tequila; maybe, the Latin America musics with passion and happiness in the bar all night...

I still remember my second night with my new friend in Pocho, we learned a lot from Jake (one of the owner of Pocho, funny and friendly American-Mexico Gentleman). I can smell the pure love towards Tequila from him when he's so excited to introduce us the big tequila family. When I was their the other night (Sunday), we ordered the beautiful and strong cocktail invented by Jake. Such a romantic looking and lovely floral smell, but with a strong taste! 

Of course, everytime I don't want to waste the chance to try their cocktails (tequila base) made by two awesome girls. Still remember the first night, the beer & tequila cocktail I order is quite less-acceptable for me, while the second night, I tried again but another different one featured with mango. Sweet, smooth, and I love the adverse taste of those salty & spicy pepper on the glass rim.

Mojito and Roselle Mojito, are also recommended as a common cocktail. It is fresh, giving back your energy but not too sweet to dry out water from your body. The roselle one is quite special with a taste similar to berries. 

Draught Asahi, would be another good choice to start the night. It is cold and fresh enough, and only 35RMB if it is not incorrect. Check the little blackboard, you will also find some seasonal special cocktails and snack promotion information. If you cannot find your favorite or have no idea about what you want? Not a problem, just tell the bartender, and they will make one for you always and not let you down. 

The bar also serves simple fried snacks for the clients who stay till very late night or say early morning. I love their Fried Lotus Slice, a little spicy and salty, freshly crispy but still contain some water inside the lotus slices. Fries (or with cheese), would be another 'evil' choice, but I promise it is yummy.

Whoever the owners or the bartenders, they are loving Pocho and loving the nights with their clients. 

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