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Traditional old Hongkong-style Cafe reopened in Sai Wan, is attracting a group of people who are always running after the classic and qualified dining place. I love the old poster hanging there, 20/30's fashion is saying a lot of that-year stories, which are absolutely fantastic to the young generation like us. Actually, our grand-generation could have more romantic than us :D

A visit to Hongkong-style Cafe, of course, cannot miss the most normal but most popular choice, all-day set! Starting from the 'red soup', it's already not that normal and often served in today's Cafe's in Hong Kong. Highly recommend Kam Kee's red soup, for its super authentic and rich flavor.

Starter is omelette with simple ham slices and a half-sandwich baked with butter. Thin rice noodle with liver, spring onion and fresh ginger slices. It tasted quite light and almost plain in flavor; which I appreciate the original taste from the good soup and to stay healthy by reducing artificial seasoning, but it would be better to have more seasoning. To talk about the liver, texture is the most important thing, crispy, rich and tender; Kam Kee's liver is qualified.

Fried Chicken Leg, it's good size, and attractive looking in a very deep fried looking. To our surprise, it's not deep fried with flour; instead, it's more traditional Chinese way, to have the chicken leg marinated in the special salty and sweet Cantonese sauce first, until the chicken absorbs the sauce by every piece; then slight fried it to make the looking dark honey brown, and to give a super mouth-watering smell. Everyone love it, and highly recommend to try!

Indonesia-style (sweet) curry with beef in bread, it's creamy and super rich in taste, with the melted cream and special Indonesia-style curry. Texture is a little sticky and you could find the almost-melted onion slices in the curry even; it's an impressive flavor of sweet curry and inspiring spices. The beef is awesome! Very tender even in big chops. To have it with the hot crispy bun, it's probably the must-order item for every visitor (the portion is enough to serve two).

Kam Kee Cafe

G/F, 213 Des Voeux Road West
Sai Ying Pun (Sai Wan)
Western District
Hong Kong

+852 2254 2010

Mon to Sun. 7.30am - 9.30pm

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