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It is just a random pick at the beginning of this long Easter Holiday in Hong Kong. I was having brunch (only drink) with my girl friend in Soho, Central, where I was failed to find anything interesting on the menu of our first stop (but their mixed berry smoothy is super good!); we left but just kept walking up and narrowly passed by the main role of this blog post!!! Luckily the '$138 for 2-course / $158 for 3-course' hand-writing on the little blackboard stopped us and had us step in successfully :P

Otherwise, we would have lost this chance to discover the so-cheap but so-good place for (business) lunch in the heart of Central area.

From the head till the tail, I was totally appreciated the decent-till-little-corner attitude of this little bistro. Bouchon Bistro Francais, as my memory, it has been a time to be in Soho and during the happy hour and random lunch hours, it's always not-that-packed, but busy enough. 'There must be some reasons of this!' as my first impression and conclusion of this classically French bistro with a very little entrance. 

I love the two semi-standing table at two sides of the entrance, facing to Elgin Street, which would be always the first option if I could find it not-occupied luckily. As most of French-style bistro, wood and old antique are everywhere; among all, I found three my favorits there:
  1. The very interesting three fans hanging on the ceiling, which is semi-conducted, being motivated slowly by the engine and the wide-flat belt
  2. Liquor and wine bottle decorated bar wall in front of the little bar area, which also functions as open storage of glasses and pastries display trays
  3. The transparent kitchen behind the window in the wooden flames

* Besides, I just discovered they even have a very little but cute garden hidden at the bottom which shares the natural day lights and open air with a square of blue sky.

The free-serving baguette with room-temperature is amazing. It's probably one of the best baguette I have had in Hong Kong till now. It's warm, fresh, crispy, and delicious.

Choose from the starters, both of us were surprised a lot by what we though we had ordered. Ham with marinated cauliflower salad and baked baguette (so sorry, I forgot the original dish name... and seems they have already updated the lunch menu). It's absolutely a size bigger than a guy's hand! The light fresh pink looking with the certain glorious surface of moisture and fat; we had a feeling of over-satisfied. It tasted a bit less salty and less flavored as the dry ham should have, but still I would give a big up-thumb to this starter.

Choice of main course, with no doubt, it's steak fries. Medium-rare is perfectly achieved as its super juicy, tender and lovely pink color, and even we had an extra 'reward' to have this 'over roasted' dark color on the surface for an extra flavor of 'roasted' :)

Shoe-string fries are another adding-point for Bouchon, which shows the restaurant's attitude. To talk about the fries, not too outstanding, but very good in its less-oil & fresh-made taste, plus I had a bias faction of their fries coz of the yummy sauce. (Definitely to run more in the following days....)

Coming to the last course - dessert! I have made my mind when I was walking into the restaurant and by pass the daily dessert display corner at the bar area. To my surprise, they were successfully to make a little surprise to me by making a 'cream brulee' top layer on the normal lemon pie. The butter cookie base is not good enough for the loose texture, but I did enjoy a lot by the refreshing and sour taste of lemon pie and honey-sweet crispy top.

Even for the dessert, they have a little extra point to be marked by me. The served cream with pie, is a big-big recommendation and I just couldn't let it go until I finished all... It's sooooooo light and smooth without any burden; and tasted naturally creamy and sweet.

* Average $158 per person with extra 10% as service charge.

49 Elgin Street
Hong Kong

+852 2525 9300

Mon to Sun. 12nn - 11pm
(Lunch). 12nn - 3pm
(Dinner). 6pm - 11pm

* Weekend Brunch available Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

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