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Hongkong eaters like buffet and for Japanese food, all-you-can-eat style is also not an exception. Here's one new opening Japanese shabushabu restaurant in Mongkok. Featured by the dulex 90-minute package of the unlimited refilled Australian wagyu beef, US beef, seafood platter (Japanese oyster, scallop, squid, prawn and New Zealand Mussel), US pork and Brazil chicken. Vegetables, side dishes, noodles and fish balls and dessert, ice-cream....... each package even covers a free-bar. It seems to be a time-running dinner so that you should take good strategy to 'eat your money and stomach quota' well :D

It has different kind of shabushabu soup for your choice, but since I start from the Sukiyaki (壽喜鍋) which is super strong in taste (Japanese sweet soy sauce), I cannot take another flavor. Well, I love Sukiyaki much more than any others :P

For the most expensive package, which starts from the dulex Australian wagyu beef, then normal wagyu beef till US beef, it's a great chance to train your tongue to differentiate the high-normal-low quality of beef. Of course the mouth-melting and tender wagyu beef is the best, and no need to take it with sauce for the sake of the original beef taste.

Seafood platter is amazing and it's refilled in the set 1.5 hours as well. I am a big fan of Japanese scallop and squid; just cannot reject the seafood's freshness and sweetness.

We need to eat our every meal healthy and in balance, so vegetables and mushrooms are the must-have items even I'm quite full already. Vegetables are quite fresh and I love their supplement of pumpkin slices, lotus slices and taro chops!!! Especially when the taro chops start to melt in the soup :D

Besides, they have many special flavor or colored fishballs, where I found the green ball (tuna filling) and cheese ball (very cheesy and delicious). Taiwanese sausage and special fish tofu with printed Japanese characters are also interesting.

* Average $378 per person per 90 minutes for dinner session

Nabe Urawa

Shop 118, 1/F, Grand Plaza
625 & 639 Nathan Road
Hong Kong

+852 2866 8876
Mon to Sun. 11.30am - 2am

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