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I have tried the 'All-You-Can-Eat' Dim Sum in the Chinese restaurant under Hullett House Dining Group, which impresses me a lot by their unique style of old 'western' Hong Kong. This time, we are heading to The Parlour, for a cozy afternoon time.

The Parlour is like the face of Hullett House when you climb up to the terrace where the historic canons are. The Chinese bamboo-made windows in a classic red is always beautiful, but in the typhoon day, we cannot relax outside. Actually besides the classic English afternoon tea set, another Chinese one, named 'Old Hong Kong' is also served with those familiar items, such as pineapple bun, bird's nest and egg tart, deep fried shrimp toast, etc.

The Parlour offers a perfect dining environment with a rich collection of Chinese elements, whatever wooden floor, bamboo-made furniture, and even the red lantern. Afternoon time, no crowds and very comfortable there, with a set of savory and sweets, we can talk easily. 

Clotted Cream & Hullett House (Orange Jam and Berries Jam)

Four small Blueberry Scones are served in white cotton with cream and jam. Scone is kept warm but it doesn't have an outstanding butter taste; it doesn't taste like normal scones which have a slightly dry and condensed texture.

Egg and Tomato Quiche, Sausage Roll, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Egg and Ham Sandwich, etc

The savories are not attractive in appearance, and I feel a little strange when find the individual finger sandwiches in those three types. I was disappointed to those savories because the smoked salmon is dry and not fresh in taste, the quiches are not rich in flavor.

Come to the sweets, again I am confused to the strange 'one-piece' setting, while as the presentation, sweets perform much better than savories, but I was so shocked and feel uncomfortable when I noticed that black stone plate is 'sweating', guessing it is taken out directly from frozen fridge. But it almost destroys the macaroons and cakes. Macaroons, not crispy any more; cake, over wet. I don't like the Marble Cheesecake, nor the Greentea Moussecake. They are just too weak in the flavor they should have. If it is not destroyed by the wet plate, I would like to say something good for the middle Lychee Moussecake, which has a strong and natural Lychee sweet with fresh Lychee meat inside. Well, if the berry jam and sugar could be reduced, it would be better to show off the nature 'beauty' of Lychee. 

To be honest, I was appointed by this afternoon tea, which doesn't show the equalized quality to the service and dining environment of The Parlour, or even Hullett House. 

* Hullett House / Old Hong Kong Afternoon Tea Set for Two $398 plus 10% service charge

The Parlour, Hullett House

1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
+852 3988 0101 (The Parlour)
+852 3988 0000 (Hullett House)

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