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Another birthday night, another great year comes. I was feeling so blessing to spent the Birthday Dinner with the food-lovers and friends with those seven outstanding issues in The Food Gallery, the buffet restaurant in Langham Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, which was well matched to its name by the cozy and chic dining environment and lovely buffet items from cold cuts till desserts!

Compared to other hotel (buffet) restaurant, this one has really limited space, while normal 4-seat square/round table, long bench, semi-round sofa table and even they offer bar-table for 4-6 along the window with beautiful and busy view of Tsim Sha Tsui shopping street. The buffet is impressive and amazing, for it is offering the best quality and smart attractions to the Hongkong eaters, within its limited buffet counters. That day, they even kicked out the new selection of buffet dessert, which is featured by Lady-Highheels (cupcake) dessert table. The looking of those lovely cupcakes are marvellous from the perfect matching game with bright colors, the creative ideas of flavor combination. They have chocolate with strawberry as normal one, rose vanilla (pink one with sun flower), mango & lemon (summer fresh yellow one), etc 

Without doubt, I ranked their new cupcake collection as No. 1 Issue, well, it is followed by another 6 issues which I cannot wait to share with food-lovers.

Issue No. 2, Ice-cream!!! 

Girls love it desperately, and so do the guys! It's Movenpick, and 4-5 flavors provided throughout the whole night. The flavors are more on the milky and creamy side, instead of sorbet-like fresh ones, whatever, I am a big fan of all chocolate, caramel, cheesecake, tiramisu, hazelnut flavors!!! So, yes! we got all flavors, just non-stop ice-cream, and excited like a kid! 

Issue No. 3, Chinese-style Steamed Fresh Fish

It's quite unique in hotel buffet, which turns out quite welcomed by the Hongkong eaters. It's fresh made, healthy steamed, and self-selected from 3 kinds of fish. After ordering your favorite fish part (normally head or tail), the yummy dish will be brought to your table after 15-20mins. Cool!

Issue No. 4, Pan-fried Foie Gras

It's not a fresh item during brunch time in some hotels recently, but still, we appreciated the provision of "made-by-order" foie gras that night. And I just found I loved their homemade fig jam a lot!! Perfect companion to the fatty evil foie gras, and the crispy toast is also another amazing item. Imagine it absorbs the greasy oil and still keeps its crispy style, sexy toast :D

Issue No. 5, Cantonese-style Soup (Coconut with chicken)

Actually they have 2-3 types of traditional Cantonese soups during the dinner buffet, but I only tried coconut & chicken one, which is amazing! Very strong and natural taste of coconut, sweetened soup with the aroma of chicken, each sip of the soup gives a sense of smooth and ease.

Issue No. 6, Seafood

Seafood area as the highlights of cold-cuts is always the first and very important part to be judged for hotel buffet quality. Here, it is very well performed in both quantity of supply and quality of taste. The colors already tell the amazing freshness of those lovely seafood, and two kinds of crab legs and two lobsters. I have no more comment but do my hard-working on the shells.

Issue No. 7, HOT dishes

Normally I won't take too much hot dishes in buffet, for they are kept warm in closing environment for long time and lose the original taste and texture by the steam. But I found all hot dishes are kept in open air and each provision is considerably smaller than normal. The reason is the chefs in the open kitchen will cook and refill the hot dishes quite frequently throughout the whole night, in order to keep everything in its right taste and look!

Done for the outstanding 7, and actually I was impressed a lot by the rich collection of buffet items they provide in the night, which I do think, it is impossible to try everything. Besides, I would also recommend Sashimi station, which is served a wide range of different fish, octopus; Indian curry and pancake counter; Southeast Asian flavored salad and rice dishes; Japanese-style BBQ for the lovely little cute fish "stick"; and meat-lover cannot miss the counter of grilled lamb and beef, also companied by some other Chinese-style meat dishes.

Lobby Level
8 Peking Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Sun to Thu. 6.30pm - 11.30pm
Fri to Sat. 6.30pm - 12am

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